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Septic Alarm System

A functioning septic alarm system is crucial for early detection of high water levels or other issues within your septic tank. These alarms provide an essential warning, preventing potential backups and system damage by alerting you to problems before they escalate, saving you from costly repairs and environmental damage.

We provide a variety of septic alarm systems, including high water alarms, float switch alarms, and more advanced systems that monitor system health in real time. Each is designed to meet the specific needs of your septic system, whether it’s a basic setup or a more complex system requiring detailed monitoring.

Common Issues and Solutions

Common septic alarm issues include false alarms, no alarms when expected, or constant beeping. These can result from power failures, float switch problems, or a full septic tank. Our techs can quickly diagnose and fix these issues, often with simple adjustments or repairs.

Questions You Might Have

We recommend annual checks to ensure your system is functioning correctly.
Contact us immediately. It’s a sign that your system needs attention.
Yes, and we can provide guidance on how to do this safely and effectively.
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We have been licensed in septic system maintenance and repair for 8 years. We know what it takes to get your job done right. Repairing or maintaining the septic system in your Virginia home and business shouldn’t have to be a hassle. When you hire us to do a job, you can expect a few things:



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